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With locations in 22 states and the District of Columbia, it’s easy to find a community – and a practice – that meets your work-life needs. Ascension Medical Group provides opportunities to collaborate and share best practices with professional colleagues all over the country.

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Our Promise

Ascension Medical Group’s promise is to create a nurturing environment that restores the joy of practice and enables a community of providers to deliver outstanding results by empowering physician leadership and connecting all clinicians to their vocation of healing and service. These guiding tenets serve as the cornerstone of our national ministry dedicated to serving populations in every geography.

Restoring the Joy of Medicine

AMG icon Maintaining a healthy work environment and culture was important to Ascension’s founders. They recognized how important it was to promote clinician wellbeing long before the term was ever coined – and in their footsteps, we commit to creating a tangible cultural change that supports and celebrates our clinicians, ultimately restoring the joy of practice.

While clinicians began their careers with the aspiration of healing patients, all too often they do not feel supported in this work; which can cause disengagement and burnout. Ascension Medical Group clinicians will be most fulfilled when they are fully integrated through mind, body, and spirit as unique individuals, members of their community, and professionals serving their patients.


Burnout not only impacts clinicians, but also their families, patients and the health organization of which they are aligned. It is important to note that burnout and professional satisfaction are not solely the responsibility of the clinician. While it would be easy to pursue a narrow list of “solutions” such as stress management workshops and individual training in mindfulness and resilience, studies have found that such strategies neglect the organizational factors that are the primary drivers of physician burnout.

Our Strategy

Our deliberate actions and comprehensive strategy focuses on three domains intended to promote a balanced environment that supports and enriches clinicians.


When you join Ascension Medical Group, you are entering a partnership where physician engagement and experience is recognized as a key driver of delivering excellent patient care. Our medical group maintains high clinical standards and a commitment to rigorous quality initiatives.

Physicians benefit from significant professional opportunities.

We offer a robust leadership development program that focuses on the whole person, enabling physicians to further explore their calling, realize their gifts, and develop their competencies in service of human dignity and the common good.

Our Benefits



Coverage to meet your needs and the needs of your family.


Created to help guage your well-being and connect with helpful local and national resources.


Designed to provide income security in cases of injury, illness or death.


To ensure a healthy work-life balance.


Resources to manage your physical, emotional and spiritual well-being.


Employer Automatic Contribution, regardless of your personal contribution level.


Continuing education and professional development opportunities to advance your career journey and practice.


Protecting you and your practice.

Our Culture

At Ascension Medical Group, we respond to an ever-changing workplace by building an empowered community of clinicians who are dedicated to a vocation of healing and service.

We recognize that the most important part of a healthcare network is our clinicians who are providing care for individuals. To support your work, we provide tools and resources to help our clinicians deliver high-quality, personalized and compassionate care.


Rooted in the loving ministry of Jesus as healer, we commit ourselves to serving all persons with special attention to those who are poor and vulnerable. Our Catholic health ministry is dedicated to spiritually-centered, holistic care, which sustains and improves the health of individuals and communities. We are advocates for a compassionate and just society through our actions and our words.


We share a common vision and are called to act upon the following ideas and beliefs:

Generosity of spirit, especially for persons most in need

Respect and compassion for the dignity and diversity of life

Inspiring trust through personal leadership

Integrating excellence and stewardship

Courageous innovation

Affirming the hope and joy of our ministry

Our Care Model

Ascension Medical Group is further differentiated by our approach to seamless health coordination and tailored care models that meet the unique needs of individuals. Models include comprehensive care clinics, which address medical, social and behavioral needs of the patient through high-touch care, as well as telemedicine, to name a few.

A smarter, more coordinated system of care requires collaboration among private practice physicians, employed physicians, other practitioners and health systems. Our physician-led national provider organization, Ascension Medical Group, is a key component in helping Ascension achieve the quadruple aim: delivering exceptional health outcomes, an exceptional experience for the people we serve, and an exceptional experience for providers, at an affordable cost.

Building a smarter network requires an integrated approach that optimizes healthcare for each person. Ascension Medical Group has adopted a clinical care model that:

  • Utilizes the strength of a care team that supports our providers’ and our patients’ needs through seamless care delivery; transitions of care; disease management; and case management
  • Promotes communication, coordination and standardization
  • Provides persons what they need, when they need it, where they need it, with improved health outcomes at an affordable cost

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