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Want to change your preferred location?
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Design Studios

Design thinking for people-centered healthcare

What if you found an opportunity where your skills were used to impact lives?

Ascension is searching for the best talent in tech to help us do something that has never been done before. If you have experience as a Scrum Master, Design Lead, Solution Architect, or similar roles, we invite you to be part of the work that will directly impact the communities we serve.

You will be tasked with defining groundbreaking opportunities, designing prototypes, piloting and implementing solutions, and ultimately reshaping the way we deliver healthcare – nationwide.

Together, let’s bring innovative solutions in healthcare to life.

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    Our mission at Ascension is to provide personalized care for all – paying special attention to those who need it most. But, how do we deliver on our promise to provide personalized healthcare to all? We can start by being curious about the individuals we are designing a specific experience for: our caregivers and patients.

    Our caregivers and patients are demanding a seamless, integrated healthcare experience and the technology and design thinking to provide that is front and center. Be part of the mission-inspired work that extends hope and healing to our communities and explore a career with Ascension. Together, we can change the healthcare industry by bringing new innovations to life.


    Kevin C., Senior Director

    "Ascension is taking a patient-centered view when deploying new technologies and leveraging the latest methods and processes to develop applications. This, coupled with a solid business partnership structure allow us to deliver solutions that change the way healthcare is delivered." - Kevin C., Senior Director.

    Kramer S., Senior Director Products

    "We're looking for people that are entrepreneurs, big thinkers, the folks who can think big and look to solve the challenges in healthcare Ascension reaches multiple communities." - Kramer S., Senior Director Products.


    Ascension’s Mission compels us to create change through transformative thinking and innovative solutions. To truly transform, we are developing design teams that will observe experiences, identify patterns, trends and emerging themes, and define intended outcomes. These teams will drive impact through implementing successful solutions and ultimately reimagining how we can deliver a people-centered healthcare experience.

    Our digital studios will be the central hub for this work. These studios are located in innovative communities in Austin, Chicago, and St. Louis – the perfect setting for creativity and collaboration. Use your skill to inspire our thinking and transform the way we deliver healthcare to those who need it most. Are you in?


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